Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a method of Digital Marketing. Nowadays, a large majority of people around the world spend a lot of time on social networking sites. This popularity has made marketing and content production for the purpose of the prosperity of businesses on social networking sites such as Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook quite necessary.

The Importance of Social Media

Various social networks aim at special subjects and practicalities. It’s rarely possible to find someone who doesn’t use any of them. For instance, Spotify is used to listen to music and podcasts, YouTube is used to watch videos, and Instagram is used to watch and share our lives with others.

Standing out in such a big business is of considerable importance to business owners and for this purpose, they present any kind of eye-catching content to attract customers and sell their products and services. For instance, they make use of music, entertaining and educating videos, books, news, and entertaining writings to establish a good connection with their social network’s users and boost their sales.

Social Media Marketing for Music

Social media has changed music status all over the world. Thanks to the existing digital production technology, releasing music on the internet has been commonized. Online music has been commonized so much so that CDs, tapes and even DVDs are being gradually put aside.

Prior to the internet, to develop their businesses, producers were mainly dependent on television. Nowadays, art lovers have access to different platforms that enable them to listen to their favorite artist’s works cheaper than when they are physically published and they can even get information about new and recent phenomena on them.    

Because of the publicization of communications and having the music world evolved, fans’ requests have changed. In the past, music lovers used to be satisfied by only listening to their favorite singers or piece of music; however, nowadays, artists must get in touch with their fans more; for instance, people are interested in seeing their favorite artists’ routines on Instagram. This usage of social media will increase the number of their followers and eventually, will make the artist more popular and as a result will boost their sales. The artists, who refuse this request, will end up having fewer sales.


Furthermore, approximately all music producers pilot a piece of music and release it on social networking sites to attract their potential customers.

Phenom Records Uses Social Media to Assist Artists Become Famous Phenom Records is fully aware of the ways of making clever use of social media sites and artists. Through our awareness and facilities, artists are provided with the best possible services.

What services Are Provided by Phenom Records?

Phenom Records that is fully aware of the importance and sufficiency of content marketing cooperates with qualified experts on social media and implies this method to bring artists fame and give them recognition amongst music lovers.

Below, some of the services that the artist’s page on social media sites is provided with are mentioned:

  • Producing purposeful and interesting content
  • Increasing their page’s followers
  • Increasing their page’s daily views
  • Increasing the interactions with users via giving likes and leaving comments and so on
  • Conducting purposeful and strategic campaigns
  • Making several fan pages for improving the usages of the main page
  • Getting Instagram’s blue tick