Music Video

Video clip

Video clip or music video is used as a sufficient way to increase sales or in other words, increase the music artist’s income. If a clip or a single track goes viral, it will be of great assistance to make the artist stand out and elite to their successful branding. Video clip is relieved with the aim of attracting more attention to the main product in the target society (potential lovers).

How is a video clip made?

Nowadays, everyone can use a camera and a video editing software on their personal cell phone or computer and release a video on the  social media sites on the internet. However, producing a professional video clip for a piece of music is as complicated as producing a film in a small-scale. In general, its steps are mentioned below:

First of all, creative people gather together and brainstorm to formulate and discuss their ideas about the style and atmosphere of the story and the images of the video clips. The result will be given to the director and after being considered, the director we’ll hand it over to the scriptwriter who they both think in the same way. Writing a script has a key role in making a video clip because next steps including artistic and technical parts will occur based on the script.

The director uses the script to make mise en scene. Next, it’s time to plan. Planners bring production into action through receiving the decoupage from the director, arranging with artistic people, and providing everything required for artistic and technical affairs.

As soon as all the necessary stuff for performing is oriented, shooting shots will begin and continue step by step.

After finishing shooting, it’s time to edit (montage). Considering the currency of digital technology, it’s done by special softwares. In the process of editing, taken shots are oriented as they were already planned in decoupage. Visual and audio effects are also added at this step. Finally, to release the preview and inform the audience, a short video- called teaser, may be made out of the final video clip. Teaser is usually made of the most influential and attractive scenes of the main video clip and is presented as a short video that is normally less than a minute. 

Video clips produced by Phenom Records

Phenom Records takes a huge advantage of cooperation with experienced experts. Everything including developing ideas, providing facilities and eventually making a video clip, is done by professional people and according to precise planning. Our goal is to produce quality and influential video clips so that they can be useful for branding artists.