What is Streaming?

From a technological point of view, streaming or media streaming is an online way to simultaneously send and receive films and audios; in other words, when you want to watch a film on TV or listen to an audio file on the radio and in order to secure the concession of an artwork for their producers, streaming makes it impossible to copy or download that file. As online business is concerned and considering the fact that music takes advantage of streaming too, streaming is regarded as a public online infrastructure for releasing audios and videos. Such platforms are two-sided: one side is about the producers of audios and videos who release their works on them and the other one is about the people who use them.

However, it is necessary to know that standing out in such a field of action regarding different tastes of audiences on the internet is quite difficult. The ones who become successful in the big world of the internet are those who take huge advantage of various skills and knowledge of marketing, psychology, and different technologies.

How does the technology of streaming work?

First of all, the technology of streaming cuts an audio or video file into pieces and then the several second files -called segments, are sent to senders. For the receiver, those segments are played in the right order and consecutively as if they were never separated. This way, it is possible to simultaneously see the videos and images and listen to the audio files. Eventually, there won’t be anything left to be extorted, copied, used or delivered to someone else. This technology is a proper way to avoid problems such as copyrighting cultural and artistic products.

One positive quality of media streaming is being online and it means there is no need for an application to play a file and only a web browser connected to the internet is sufficient.

Making money from streaming

One way is through commercializing. They either take money by showing commercials in the middle of a video or audio file or they ask users to purchase subscriptions so that users can watch a film or video without being interrupted by commercials. A good example is the commercials being played at the beginning or in the middle of some YouTube videos.

The other way involves finding a sponsor. Some companies will be interested in sponsoring your videos when they see your good activities and feedback on various platforms. Moreover, some companies may want to commercialize themselves so that their own commercials appear along with your video.

There’s also another way that requests users to purchase subscriptions to watch or listen to some online works.

Active companies in streaming

Majority of people listen to music and watch films only through media streaming and that’s why some providers of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple music attempt to offer more audio contents i.e. music and podcasts. A great example is YouTube that has made its huge archives of Music and videos available for the public.

Other providers of streaming services such as HBO, Netflix, and Hulu are also popular.

Streaming Services by Phenom Records

Streaming services are of great and significant importance. Thanks to the presence of service providers like Spotify and YouTube, fewer people are fond of buying CDs and downloading. Taking advantage of those streaming Medias give considerable assistance to music artists to become successful. Based on an estimate in 2019, 80% of the money in the music industry was made by streaming.

Using a large amount of knowledge in marketing science and its related technologies have enabled Phenom Records to gain great commercial advantage of streaming and then use it for personal branding of music artists.