What is an Music Album?

A multiple-music album’ consists of three to six pieces of music that might take 25 to 80 minutes including probably various pieces or previous ones along with the remixed ones. The album known as ‘music album’ consists of more than seven pieces and it takes more than an hour. 

Types of Music Albums

Music album production involves two approaches:

The first approach takes a particular attitude for selecting single tracks and arranging them as a collection. Afterwards, the necessary licenses and permissions will be taken and the album will be released. 

 The second approach is however planned based on a clarified project. To do so, after that the content is selected, poems will be either chosen or new ones will be written. Next, poems will be given to one or more composers to compose a melody in accordance with the chosen content and poem. To perform a piece of music, good facilities and people will be gathered together to manage the work and to give a performance. Eventually, it will go through releasing steps, music lovers can have the album that is produced and released based on the online or offline platforms in the shape of a CD.

To study about music production approaches, go to its web page.

Phenom Production Samples

Phenom Records, which is a registered music medium with a global distribution license, is enabled to make use of any of the facilities and planning capabilities for producing music and releasing an album. We take advantage of all of these facilities to introduce artists including the talented and inexperienced ones to music lovers. 

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